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Media / Press Release, March 15th 2010

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Arno A. Evers points the way to a hydrogen society

Arno A. Evers has always been ahead of its time. 15 years ago he founded the first Group Exhibit Hydrogen and Fuel Cells at the annual Hannover Fair, and is since then one of the founding father of German H2 and FC industry. For years, he coined this innovative industry more than almost any other in Germany. He is a man of clear words, loves the dialogue, while he is also provoking at some times. At this year's Hannover Fair, he launches his first book in Hydrogeit Verlag, a publishing house from nearby Berlin. The book is written in English, with the title “The Hydrogen Society ... more than just a Vision?” and raises the question of the future of hydrogen and fuel cells technology, leading eventually to a hydrogen society.

Arno A. Evers is a known personality, not only in the German hydrogen and fuel cells scene. Worldwide, he has made numerous oral and poster presentations at conferences. During the past years he travelled from continent to continent and collected material, which is now first published in his new book. It is about the following questions: How does the energy balance of the world or in Germany looks really like? How and why has the situation so aggravated? How can hydrogen be produced really renewable and future orientated?

Evers says: “Since 2003, together with my team, we attended - most recently on behalf of Deutsche Messe AG - exactly 105 conferences and exhibitions around the world. Based on this, I have developed about 300 info graphics with a new visual image. Here we are concerned with objective analysis of the actual state of the energy industry as well as background information on energy audits, energy efficiency, producing hydrogen. This information is normally not found so easily.”

The extract all of these sources can now fully be read in this book, which is consistently illustrated with photos and graphics. The author addressed in particular to readers who dismiss the conventional energy system, as it is existing now, who are critical and are looking forward for alternatives. Evers referred to his target audience as The Concerned Citizens. This group is getting bigger, but is still lacking noncomitted information. This book was written with the goal to remedy this. Evers said: "We want to reach and motivate young people in particular, as their future commitment to the realization of hydrogen society is indispensable." It is also addressed to all hydrogen and fuel cell insiders, who want to find neutral unbiased information.

T. Nejat Veziroglu, president of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE), writes in his preface: "I strongly recommend this excellent book to energy engineers, industrialists, environmentalists and decision makers, as well as to those interested in the future of humankind and the welfare of the planet Earth."

The Hydrogen Society - More Than Just a Vision?
by Arno A. Evers, foreword by T. Nejat Veziroglu, IAHE President
Hardcover with 180 colored pages
consistently illustrated Language: English
Hydrogeit Verlag, Oberkrämer, April 2010
ISBN 978-3-937863-31-3, Price: 34.50 Euro

Book presentation during the Hannover Fair 2010 in Hall 27, Booth L47/1.

Arno A. Evers, an entrepreneur from Germany, was born in 1946 in Hamburg. After several years in the oil survey industry, he worked for Messerschmitt Boelkow Blohm (MBB) in Hamburg before he became a press spokesman for MBB at their Munich headquarter in 1985. Arno founded the Group Exhibit Hydrogen and Fuel Cells at the Hannover Fair in 1995, which developed over the years to become Europe’s largest industry and research gathering, taking place annually at the Hannover Fair in Germany. Until 2006, he led the entire organization. Thereafter he attended numerous H2/FC conferences, trade shows and events worldwide to promote the Group Exhibit.

The www.hydrogeit-verlag.deHydrogeit Verlag, a publishing house with its office in Oberkraemer near Berlin, was founded in 2004 by Dipl.-Ing. Sven Geitmann. It is the first and only publisher specialized on hydrogen, fuel cells, renewable energy and alternative propulsion systems. Geitmann is engaged in pioneering technologies and provides comprehensive information about various energy saving possibilities. The publisher's range of subjects / titles includes books about hydrogen and fuel cells and renewable energy and alternative fuels, CD-ROMs and the HZwei trade magazine, the German magazine for hydrogen, fuel cells and electric mobility.
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